Babka Farms Betsy

Babka Farms Betsy (F4)

Sire: Goat Trails Adar

SS: Goat Trails LF Heart Delight Cupid

SD: Sonflower Ranch's Aspen


Dam: The Robins Moonshadow

DS: Green Gables Eclipse *B

DD: Screaming Goat Farm Blue Moon


Born: 1/22/19

G6S normal by parentage

First Freshening Udder

Very pleased with Betsy's FF udder. It is not huge, but it is so nicely attached and shaped with great teat placement. The best part is how lovely the texture is and how much I enjoy milking her.

Betsy's Kiddings

May 2020 Kidding

These are my favorite pictures of Betsy and her buckling. She was very shook up with her birthing experience (even though it was a perfectly normal birth). I've heard of this happening with first fresheners, but had not experienced it yet. She rejected him almost completely at first. Since she was not head butting or pushing him away I bottle fed him and let them stay together. Well, fast forward a few weeks and she loves him like crazy. She lets him nurse (sometimes) and I supplement with the bottle. When I am bottle feeding him she will come over and push the other kids out of the way so he can get his fill - Hilarious, I'm like "Why don't you just let him have his fill from you if ya feel that way!" I will watch her closely next kidding to make sure this was just a first timer reaction. I do expect she will fully accept her next kids. 

Betsy's Dam: The Robin's Moonshadow

Betsy's Sire: Goat Trails Adar

Sire's Dam: Sonflower Ranch Aspen