Babka Farms Charity Abideth

Babka Farms Charity (F6)

Sire: Goat Trails Half Pint

SS: Laz E Acres Finley

SD: Sonflower Ranch's Brighton-Blues


Dam: Green Gables Hope of Victory

DS: VMCH Green Gables USG Freedom Fighter *B

DD: Green Gables SS Shining Hope 2*P


Born: 3/19/18

G6S normal by parentage

First Freshening Udder

Charity has a couple of nice features from her dam's udder along with improved attachment. Still looking to work on the attachment in future breedings. She has nice medial and long teats. She also has good will to milk, keeps weight on, and is slow to dry off. I expect like her dam she will be able to have a long lactation. 

Charity's Kiddings

May 2020 Kidding

Charity had 2 bucklings - and Lovey here broke his leg and had a trip to the vet with his brother for company.

Charity's Dam and Sire: Green Gables Hope of Victory and Goat Trails Half-Pint

Dam: Green Gables Hope of Victory

Hope has great capacity and length of lactation. She stays in milk for a long time after kidding. However, I am breeding her daughters carefully to improve udder attachment. I specifically search for bucks with good attachment in their lines to breed to Faith and Charity. I would love to pass on Hope's capacity and lactation along with good attachments. 

Sire's Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Brighton-Blues

I'm looking for pictures of Sonflower Ranch's Brighton-Blue, please contact me if you have any to share.