Babka Farms Faith Abounds

Babka Farms Faith (F6)

Sire: Goat Trails Half Pint

SS: Laz E Acres Finley

SD: Sonflower Ranch's Brighton-Blues


Dam: Green Gables Hope of Victory

DS: VMCH Green Gables USG Freedom Fighter *B

DD: Green Gables SS Shining Hope 2*P


Born: 3/19/18

G6S normal by parentage

Faith's 1st Freshening Udder

I'm very pleased with Faith's pre-kidding udder. The attachment is much improved over her dam. She did not disappoint on the milk stand. Great udder, nice flow, and staying even with a single buckling. Such a good girl on the milk stand too. I'm really enjoying not having to "train" to the milking routine since I raised her to enjoy the stand from a young kid. 

Faith's Kiddings

March 2020: Awaiting DNA testing

Could be one of these handsome fellows. More information about our bucks is available on our Mini Nubian Buck page. 

Charity's Dam and Sire: Green Gables Hope of Victory and Goat Trails Half-Pint

Dam: Green Gables Hope of Victory

Hope has great capacity and length of lactation. She stays in milk for a long time after kidding. However, I am breeding her daughters carefully to improve udder attachment. I specifically searched for bucks with good attachment in their lines to breed to Faith and Charity. I would love to pass on Hope's capacity and lactation along with good attachments. 

Sire's Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Brighton-Blues

I'm looking for pictures of Sonflower Ranch's Brighton-Blue, please contact me if you find any.