Babka Farms Rena

Babka Farms Rena (F4)

Sire: Goat Trails Adar

SS: Goat Trails LF Heart Delight Cupid

SD: Sonflower Ranch's Aspen


Dam: The Robins Moonshadow

DS: Green Gables Eclipse *B

DD: Screaming Goat Farm Blue Moon


Born: 1/22/19

G6S normal by parentage

First Freshening Udder

Rena's udder could have improved attachment. However, the texture and flow of her milk is fantastic. I'm really happy with how easy she is to milk. She also took to the milk stand just wonderfully. 

Rena's Kiddings

May 2020 Kidding

Rena had a pretty little buckling She freshened with an udder shaped like her dam Moonshadow with function like her grandam Aspen. She has really nice teat placement, wonderful texture, and the milk just seems to pour itself into the bucket. Such a joy to milk.

Rena's Dam: The Robin's Moonshadow

Rena's Sire: Goat Trails Adar

Sire's Dam: Sonflower Ranch Aspen