Breeding Plan

2021 Waitlist and/or Deposits

The breeding plan is very intentional, based on personality, milk production, length of lactation, ease of milking, udder attachment, and confirmation. If you are interested a kid in 2021 you have a few options. On the waitlist there is no deposit required. If you are interested in a specific pairing you can reserve a kid from that dam with a $100 deposit. Alternately, if you know you want a certain qualities, such as strong milk lines, a polled doeling and/or a certain color you can also put down a $100 deposit. After kidding I will contact those with deposits first and then those on the wait list with available kids. Click on the goats picture for more information. Additional udder and other pictures available upon request.   


Price range listed is for doelings and bucklings. Wethers are $150. 

Goat Trails Lucy Lou

Rite Choice Osip

$450 - 500

Goal: Osip and Lucy both have nice width. Lucy has nice sized and correctly positioned teats. I expect the kids to be stunning based on the parents and how gorgeous Osip's doeling was last year. Osip is a little shy and Lucy is, well, very social so hoping for people friendly kids with great lines. Doelings, wethers, and possible bucklings.


Due: January 26, 2021

F5 Kids

Polled, Blue eyes, and Milk

Babka Farms Charity

Green Gables Mojo

$400 - 450

Goal: Goal: Charity was a FF this year and although her udder showed improvement over her dam by being easier to milk, Mojo should help to improve the udder attachment. Doelings and wethers to be available.


Due: February 26, 2020

F6 Kids

Confirmation, Milk, and long lactation


Sonflower Ranch Aspen


$550 - 600

Goal: With Aspen we want to improve overall confirmation and udder capacity. I anticipate retaining her kids this year. She either was fence bred or is having very quiet cycles. I plan on breeding to GG Mojo.



F6 Kids

Spotted, Blue Roan, Udders, and Milk

Babka Farms Rena

Hilltop Tobias Brahm

$350 - 450

Goal: Rena has the wonderful soft and smooth udder texture and good orifice size I am aiming for, but she is slightly lacking in attachment. Tobias has nice dairy skin and capacity in his lines. Doelings and wethers to be available.


Due: February 26, 2021

F6 Kids

Moonspots, Blue eyes, and ease of milking

Babka Farms Betsy


$450 - 500

Goal: Betsy had my favorite first freshening udder in 2020. It was nicely shaped, well attached, nice orifice size, good texture, and teat position. I'm excited to see how much improvement in capacity she has in 2021. Matty should complement the udder strengths and bring more elegance to confirmation. Doelings, wethers and possible bucklings.


Polled, Blue Roan, Udders, and Milk



Texas Lil' Rascals Patty

Hilltop Goats Tobias Brahm

$450 - 500

Goal: Patty is new to our herd and will be a FF in 2020. Based on her lines and paired with Tobias, I'm hoping for nice "dairy" quality and good capacity. Doelings and wethers to be available.


Due: February 27, 2021

Moonspots, Polled, Blue eyes, Milk