Chicken Breeds: Friendly egg layers

Black Copper Marans

We will be getting more Black Copper Marans this spring. We got a few with our order last year and were pleased with their manners and how well they fit in with the rest of the flock. 


We just had to have a chicken from Holland to honor our Huttleston heritage and the Welsummer was the perfect fit. This breed is noted to be very friendly and lays dark brown speckled eggs. Several owners refer to their rooster as "the gentleman on the farm". We agree, although he does not put up with the dog or any other threat to his ladies. He is a perfect gentleman around us. 


We love the foraging skill of our Ameraucanas. Thankfully the barn and stalls are not as attractive to them and they regularly lay in the nesting box. These beautiful Ameraucana hens are the first to start laying in the spring and produce a blue egg.

So here is the plan...We have our dark color egg layers in our Welsummers and Black Copper Marans. We have our blue egg laying Ameraucanas. Then we have assorted tan egg layers such as Cinnamon Queen, Speckled Sussex, and one Black Langshan. Finally we have one olive egger rooster. 

First Step: Winter 2018 - We have a mix of hens with living with each rooster.

Second Step: Spring and Summer 2018 - Hatch eggs from various pairings of olive, blue, tan, and dark brown eggers. 

Third Step: Summer and Fall 2018 - Raise the pullets to laying age.

Forth Step: Fall and Winter 2018 - See what color eggs we get and try to figure out which hens lay which color eggs!

Best Step: Spring 2019 - We should have some colorful egg layers for sale along with our pure breeds of chickens.