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Please contact us if you are interested in anything we have for sale. You can also request to be put on a waiting list if you are not ready for your animal or product just yet. Let us know if you'd like to come out and visit the farm!

Mini Nubian Goats and Kids: You may have noticed the adorable airplane ears on several of our ladies! Our 2018 season goal was higher breed quality in mini nubian ears, while still prioritizing improved udders and milk genetics. Pictured above is Goat Trails Half Pint who sired most of this year's kids. So far we are noticing very nice results. 


Buckling F3 $350 SOLD

Screaming Goat Farms Blue Moon F2
Goat Trail’s Half Pint F6
Dam is excellent milker with nice udder and great tasting milk. Sire improved ears and general confirmation. Gorgeous blue roan and tan tricolor. He is pictured with mom and half sister in the background. He will make an excellent herd sire - he early on took a majestic attitude within the herd.

Doeling F2 $450 SOLD

Buckling F2 $350 SOLD


Screaming Goat Farm Kaitlynne F6 


Screaming Goat Farm Blue Boy F1

These are two of Kaitlynne’s triplets. I am retaining the one bucking who is a little shorter for a new herdsire. The taller buckling shows great promise, but I have some smaller does and wanted to be on the safe side for future breedings. The doeling is a “mamma’s girl” so I expect she is picking up on how to be a great mom. The are both inquisitive and sociable. From the first week they want to play when I came to the barn.

March Kiddings

 The following does are due to kid in March. Contact us if you are interested and we put you on a wait list.

Dam: Green Gables Hope of Victory F5

Sire: Goat Trails Half Pint F6

Dam: Fancy

Sire: Goat Trails Half Pint F6

Dam: Omega

Sire: Goat Trails Half Pint F6

Welsummers, Ameraucanas, Marans, and crosses.


We have a few layers and roosters available. We will have chicks in March. Contact us if you would like to be on our wait list for chicks or pullets. 



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