For Sale

Please contact us if you are interested in anything we have for sale. You can also request to be put on a waiting list if you are not ready just yet. Let us know if you'd like to come out and visit the farm!

Does for Sale

Babka Farm Doeling F4

 $400 January 2019

Dam: The Robin's Moonshadow F3
Sire: Goat Trail’s Adar F6
Dam is excellent milker with nice udder and good tasting milk. Sire improved ears and breed confirmation. Sire's dam is my best milker. Both dams have butter soft udders with easy to milk teats and large orafices. She will make a very good family milker and backyard pet. She was part bottle and mostly dam raised. 

Dam: Robin's Moonshadow

SDam: Sonflower Ranch Aspen

Breeding Plan

Breeding plan for March kids available soon!

We've had buck break ins into the doe pasture. Within the next month we should know who is breed, but we will have to wait until DNA testing comes back on March kids to see who the sires are.

Doterra Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils


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Chickens for Sale

Our hens have been hiding eggs on us and hatching chicks. So far Bo approves of the new additions. Let us know if you need some hens at