I'm so glad I added kunekune to the farm! They really do love pasture, haven't rooted and respect fences for the most part. I will say I have some "easy" escape routes and Miss Penelope would walk under the fence, feast with the chickens when I fed them, and then put herself back in the pasture! Now that she is older and doesn't fit under the fence, she stays in the pasture. I'm very pleased with how friendly they are. And they help eat up the alfalfa the goats discard on the ground. Such a win-win.





Photo curtesy of Virginia Kunekune

Huttleston (and Shadow)




...checking out that fence line while I'm doing chores. Staying in like a good girl, probably really just wanted water. It is Texas and this was in August. Always make sure you have plenty of water available for your kunekune.

Breeding will be soon for piglets in spring 2021.

Photo curtesy of Virginia Kunekune