Mini Nubian Does

I manage the herd organically and naturally with access to large pasture areas every day and test for CAE, CL, Johnes, and Brucellosis. Each doe has a link to her page where you can see her pedigree, udder pictures, and kiddings. I try to include a little insight into her personality as well. They don't always cooperate for the camera! I selected good foundational lines in my herd - Goat Trails, Rafter O', Green Gables, Sunflower Ranch, and Texas Lil' Rascals. My main breeding goal is to provide a family pet or milk goat that is pleasantly socialized with stellar udders for attachment, capacity, and fast, efficient, easy milking. I crossed 2 strong lines in my 2019 kiddings and then brought in 3 new bucks for the 2020 breeding. The journey continues in 2021! This website will document my journey and I encourage you to contact me for more information. I'd be glad to share more details about the herd management and breeding plans I aim for to ensure I can provide you with wonderful additions for your place!

Sonflower Ranch Aspen F6

Aspen is the easiest of all our goats to milk. She has a soft udder with good teat placement, and large orifaces. This means she produces a lot of milk and it comes out easy and fast when you milk her. This is very good because when she was young she was quite a bad little goat on the milk stand. She would squat, kick, lay down, and even learned how to escape. Regardless, between her genetics and love for food we worked it out. Since she is so easy to milk, I usually have no trouble filling my bucket while she’s still busy with breakfast!

Babka Farms Rena F4

Rena looks just like her dam Moonshadow, but she has an extra measure of elegance to her that has endeared her to our farm. Her first freshening was in May 2020. I love milking her! Her udder texture and ease of milking show I'm on the right track with my efforts to breed the best of the milk and udder lines into our herd. 

Babka Farms Betsy F4

Another of Moonshadow's doelings, this one is always on the move. She is so much fun! I almost sold her and the buyer requested that she be bottle raised. We don't solely bottle raise, but we gave Betsy extra helpings. She is always coming over to see if I have a treat! Her first freshening was also in May 2020. She also has nice texture and flow when milking. Her attachment is great. I'm looking for increased capacity in her next freshening. 

Texas Little Rascals Patty F6

Patty is a new addition to our farm. I actually bought her brother first, Matty. I fell in love with Patty, but decided I really didn't need a brother and a sister. Now that Matty is looking for a new home since I am retaining  his daughter it became possible to get Patty. She is both affectionate and skittish currently so we will be working with her a lot this fall.  

Lucky L MD Bina F1

Knightwolf Rosebud F6

I'm so glad Rosebud is here! She is quiet and reserved and that provides nice balance in my herd. You can see the "rosebud" on her neck, hence her name. I'm hoping to breed her this fall for late spring kids. If she's not big enough we will wait until 2021. She is very elegant and comes from some great milk lines. I ended up buying her sire, Mojo. Exciting to see what she brings to the herd in the coming years. 

Babka Farms Charity Abideth F6

Charity is a quiet goat. She is not shy to come and visit with me, but tends to stay busy with "goat things" like eating, resting, and playing with the other goats. Her mother, our Green Gables Hope of Victory, is a very sweet goat with a great capacity in udder and length of gestation. Charity was bred for May 2020 kids in hopes of a softer, well attached udder with the same or increased capacity. 

Babka Farms Samara F7

I am retaining Aspen's 2020 doeling. The name Samara comes from the fruit of a Maple tree. We commonly called these spinning things "helicopters" growing up in Western NY. She is always spinning around and expressing herself through various head twirls. Looking forward to watching her grow and find her place in the herd. 

Babka Farms Rosannie F6

I was retaining a doeling from Beauty since her FF udder is amazing. So easy to milk and very nicely sized and placed teats. Beauty also maintained a high milk volume for nursing twins and being a first freshener. Rosannie is adorable. She comes up to me every time I'm in with the goats. She's very sweet, but a little reserved. She likes to investigate and consider before she commits to action. I love watching her think and process her new experiences.  I believe I have another clever goat in my herd!

Goat Trails Lucy Lou F6

Lucy is such a great, personable goat until she tries to find out if she can bite your arm! I've never had a goat that nips before. We almost have her out of this bad habit as she does not like it when we blow in her nose. She has such a great personality and loves to be in the middle of the action - often instigating the action. We love her and really like the look of her nice long, narrow teats and the wonderful milk lines in her pedigree. 

Lil' Rascals Black Diamond