Our Mini Nubians

We manage our herd organically and naturally with access to large pasture areas every day and test for CAE, CL, Johnes, and Brucellosis. When I get this site all the way updated you will be able to access each goats pedigree. We have good foundational lines in our herd, Screaming Goat Farm, Goat Trails, Green Gables, Sunflower Ranch, and Echo Hills. In the meantime you can Contact me for more information

The Robin’s Moonshadow

Moonshadow puts the fun in goat ownership! She always has an extra little leap or hop on her way through the herd. She is sweet and gentle, never too busy with her antics to lean in for some loving. She freshened last year with a very easy to milk udder, but we dried her off soon after getting her. We will keep you updated on the capacity and quality of her milk this year. We expect a strong 2nd freshening. Her mother, Screaming Goat Farm Blue Moon had really good capacity and consistently sweet tasting milk. Her father, Green Gables Eclipse has milk stars in his line. 

Screaming Goat Farm Yaveah

The name Yaveah is inspired by the Hebrew word for "moon". She was born the week of the Super Blue Blood Moon and as you can see she has beautiful moonspots. A very friendly goat she is always one of the first to come by me when I'm out in the field and she stays near my side. She is long in body and has a nice Roman nose. We may breed her this year in December to Goat Trails Adar. His dam, our Sunflower Ranch Aspen, is a dream to milk with a long lactation. Yaveah's dam, our Screaming Goat Farm Kaitlynne, has great capacity and a high udder. We are expecting great milk from these two lines. 

Sonflower Ranch Aspen

Aspen is the easiest of all our goats to milk. She has a soft udder with good teat placement, and large orifaces. This means she produces a lot of milk and it comes out easy and fast when you milk her. This is very good because she is quite a bad little goat on the milk stand. She squats, kicks, lays down, and has even learned how to escape. Regardless, between her genetics and love for food we have worked it out. Since she is so easy to milk, I usually have no trouble filling my bucket while she’s still busy with breakfast!

Green Gables Hope of Victory

Hope is the sweetest goat I’ve ever met. I can’t wait to share her kids with others who are looking for  a rich, rewarding bond with their family's farm animals. And milk she has plenty!  With a great milk lines, nice udder and easy to milk teats she’s a gem.

Screaming Goat Farm Kaitlynne

Kaitlynne is a little shy and skittish, but has really taken well to the milk stand. She has good udder attachment and plenty of milk for her triplets. So far, I'm only milking out a little extra every few days to watch her udder, quality of the milk, and how her kids grow. The dog and cats are enjoying the surplus! Makes everyone happy at milking time. Kaitlynne is showing good promise to be one of our main milkers once her triplets are weaned. 

Babka Farm Genesis

Genesis is the first doeling we decided to keep on our farm. Her mother, Blue Moon had milk, lots of it, and consistently the sweetest tasting milk in the herd. We are looking forward to seeing how Geni freshens. For now, she is very full of all things pertaining to life. First to start eating, leader of the the other kids during play, and extremely alert. She will be a joy to watch as she grows and matures this year.

Babka Farm Charity Abideth

Charity is a quiet goat. She is not shy to come and visit with me, but tends to stay busy with "goat things" like eating, resting, and playing with the other goats. Her mother, our Green Gables Hope of Victory, is a very sweet goat with a great udder. We will wait until next year to breed Charity to Goat Trails Adar in hopes of a softer udder with the same or increased capacity. 

Babka Farm Faith Abounds

Faith is Charity's sister. She is very people social and loves to get attention. Thankfully she stays on all fours and does not jump on me because when she was young I was like her trampoline! She has the same coloring and moonspots as her sire, Goat Trails Half Pint. We will wait until next year to breed her also. We are considering breeding her to Screaming Goat Farm Gibor-al as long as they both grow to be about the same size. His dam, our Screaming Goat Farm Kaitlynne, has smaller size teats and Faith's dam, our Green Gables Hope of Victory, has long teats. We'd like to see if we can get something more average in size by pairing these two in 2019

Babka Farm Annie

Annie is one of our does from an unregistered doe named Fancy. One of my projects is to build a line through the Grade Herdbook. All of the doelings Fancy and Omega had this year start with "A". Annie's doelings will have names that start with "B". That way I know for sure when I get to "D" I can hopefully start registering doelings as Experimental. Fancy has a very nice udder and consistently sweet and creamy milk. Fancy's dam had the same qualities in how her milk tasted, so I am hoping this is a genetic trait that I can encourage through breeding here on my farm. We will wait until next year to breed her to either Goat Trails Adar or Screaming Goat Farm Gibor-al.