Our Protectors: Loving the Life


Josie truly is our protector. From keeping the goats and chickens on the right side of the fence to alerting us when something is not quite right. Her most amazing ability is finding the occasional egg scattered in the chicken yard for me to collect - without breaking or eating it! 

Leah and Bo

Our orange and white cat Leah rules the farm (except for mama hen). She patrols the pastures, milking area and carport, finds the best spots to lay in the sun, and cleans up spilled milk.

Bo is Rachel's cat who early on learned to love the goats and their milk! She watches over the milking area, the chickens, the barn, and the coral. 

Gila and Penina

Gila (calico) and Penina (white and grey) keep the mice from visiting our house. They are our newest additions and are still learning the ropes. Their favorite activity is to get themselves stuck on the roof.

All that and Oils 2 Boot! 


We use Essential Oils from Lavender on the milk stand for a nervous first freshener to Deep Blue on our own aching muscles. Visit our doTERRA website for more information and to order: