Reference Mini Nubian Does

Green Gables Hope of Victory

Hope is the sweetest goat I’ve ever met. I can’t wait to share her kids with others who are looking for  a rich, rewarding bond with their family's farm animals. And milk she has plenty!  With a great milk lines, nice udder and easy to milk teats she’s a gem. We kept her 2 doelings and took her to Western NY to enjoy life at a friends farm. 

Screaming Goat Farm Kaitlynne

Kaitlynne has really taken well to the milk stand. She has good udder attachment and plenty of milk for her triplets. So far, I'm only milking out a little extra every few days to watch her udder, quality of the milk, and how her kids grow. The dog and cats are enjoying the surplus! Makes everyone happy at milking time. Kaitlynne is showing good promise to be one of our main milkers once her triplets are weaned.


I kept both Yaveah and Gibor-al out of her triplets so I found a new home for Kaitlynne at Knightwolf Farms.

The Robbin's Moonshadow

Moonshadow puts the fun in goat ownership! She always has an extra little leap or hop on her way through the herd. She is sweet and gentle, never too busy with her antics to lean in for some loving. She freshened last year with a very easy to milk udder, but we dried her off soon after getting her.  I expect a strong 2nd freshening. Her mother, Screaming Goat Farm Blue Moon had really good capacity and consistently sweet tasting milk. Her father, Green Gables Eclipse has milk stars in his line. Moonshadow had a very nice 2nd freshening, but I lost her that spring. I kept both her doelings, Rena and Betsy.