Screaming Goat Farm Kaitlynne

Screaming Goat Farm Kaitlynne (F6)

Sire: Green Gable Eclipse *B

SS: VMCH Green Gables SS MoonBeam *B

SD: VMCH Green Gables EHJ Sapphire 3*P


Dam: Screaming Goat Farm Katie

DS: Green Gables Heyden

DD: Soaring Heart's Tate


Born: 3/3/16

G6S normal by parentage

3rd Freshening 2019

2nd Freshening 2018

Kaitlynne is determined, but thankfully well behaved on the milk stand. She's a great mom and her kids always grow strong with lots of energy for playful antics. I kept a doeling and buckling from her 2018 kidding, Yavaeh and Gibor-al

Kaitlynne Kiddings

2019 SGF Kaitlynne and Goat Trails Adar

2019 breeding combines 2 strong milk lines. Kaitlynne has great attachment and Adair's dam Aspen has a buttery soft udder with large orafices. These bucklings have a lot of potential behind them. 

2018 SGF Kaitlynne and SGF Blue Boy

2018 breeding occurred just prior to purchasing Kaitlynne from Screaming Goat Farm. Blue Boy has great length in ears and his sire's dam had high butterfat and protein. 

Dam: Screaming Goat Farm Katie F5

SGF Katie great body capacity, roman nose and breed character.

Sire: Green Gables Eclipse *B "Tex" F5



Green Gables Eclipse Full Sister - Green Gables Cali



Green Gables Eclipse Dam -  Green Gables Sapphire 3*P



Green Gable Eclipse Grand Dam - Echo Hills Molly O'Mally 2*P

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