Sonflower Ranch Aspen

Sonflower Ranch Aspen (F6)

Sire: Sonflower Ranch's Elvin

SS: Sonflower Ranch's Denver

SD: Sonflower Ranch's Everly


Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Freeda

DS: Echo Hill's Eric

DD: Sonflower Ranch's Elvira


Born: 5/1/15

G6S normal by parentage

Aspen's udder is just fantastic. I love milking her and look forward to it every morning. Her udder is butter soft and the her milk comes out nice and fast. She has developed good manners on the milk stand, but there was a lot of work behind that. Her udder is holding up very well even though she has dam raised her kids. Aspen's line is in many of the goats in my herd and as they freshen I will find out if her udder qualities have been passed on!

Aspen's Kiddings

2020 Lil' Rascals Matty

2019 Screaming Goat Farms Gibor-al

2018 Goat Trails Hearts Delight Cupid

Aspen's Sire: Sonflower Ranch's Elvin

Sonflower Ranch Elvin's Dam: Everly

Aspen's Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Freeda

I'm looking for pictures of Freeda. Please let me know if you find some. Thank you!


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