The Robin's Moonshadow

The Robin's Moonshadow (F3)

Sire: Green Gables Eclipse *B

SS: VMCH Green Gables SS Moonbeam

SD: VHCH Green Gables EHJ Sapphire 3*P


Dam: Screaming Goat Farm Blue Moon

DS: FCH Soaring Heart's King of Pop

DD: Cherry Butte Ruth


Born: 4/29/16

G6S normal by parentage

Moonshadow is a wonderful goat. I really enjoy her, she still gets playful like a kid every once in a while but most of the time she's just all goat. She's an easy keeper and great on the milk stand. She has a really nice foreudder which I believe came from both her dam and sire's lines. 

2nd Freshening 2019

Moonshadow Kiddings

2019 Moonshadow and Goat Trails Adar

Moonshadow's second freshening was in January of 2019. She had triplets - 2 doelings and a buckling.  This breeding combines 2 strong milk lines with Moonshadow's capacity and foreudder with Adar who's dam has a butter soft udder with large orafices. 

Dam: Screaming Goat Farm Blue Moon F2

SGF Blue Moon's udder displays improvements from both her sire and dam.

Dam: Cherry Bytte Ruth had an excellent foreudder.

Sire: Soaring Hearts King of Pop's line had nice teat size, orifice, and medial.

Sire: Green Gables Eclipse *B "Tex" F5



Green Gables Eclipse Full Sister - Green Gables Cali



Green Gables Eclipse Dam -  Green Gables Sapphire 3*P



Green Gable Eclipse Grand Dam - Echo Hills Molly O'Mally 2*P

"His dam and sire are both some of the best goats we've had and his sister is simply incredible. We call him Tex as we already have an Eclipse in our herd. Tex has very nice conformation with a long smoothly blended body, nice topline, strong feet and legs and decent breed character."