The fun and the rewards!

Mini Nubians

Mini Nubians are very friendly and sociable! Great personalities and an easy going nature make them excellent for pets or brush clearing. However, udder quality and high butterfat milk production are what we breed for on our farm. I love their personalities, colors, and playful antics, but when it comes right down to it they produce a lot of great tasting milk in a small sized body - less feed needed for them and more milk on the table for us! If you are looking for an addition to your homestead, a family pet, or brush clearer, you are likely to find one of Babka Farms mini's very pleasing and enjoyable! Playful, loving Mini Nubians just might be as good match for your family as they have been for ours!

Dam Raised-Bottle Fed

I primarily let the dams raise the kids. They learn all about grazing, chewing their cud, and herd dynamics from their moms. And since the goats are so friendly, the kids grow up very comfortable playing with humans too. I also bottle feed kids once a day for the first 2 weeks and then a few times a week until weaning. This ensures they will take the bottle if needed. I can let kids go to new homes anytime and the new owner has the option to supplement with a bottle until 12 weeks. 

Owning Mini Nubians

I raise Mini Nubians with high quality dairy lines who are easy to milk and pleasant to be around. In order to ensure we can share these great qualities with others we are very intentional in our choice of herd sires and dams. I sell kids and also have adults and does in milk for sale at certain times of the year. Just inquire and let me know what you are looking for. I'll help make a good match for your enjoyment!


Our animals organically and naturally raised. I am happy to share what I've learned for keeping a thriving and healthy herd. Check the For Sale page or send an email to


Kunekune have been such a wonderful addition to the farm! They bring so much enjoyment and contribute so much from eating the alfalfa/hay discarded by the goats, enriching our pasture rotation program, and benefiting from all the extra milk! 

Caramels and Goat Milk Soap

I'm at the Taylor Farmers Market on Main in Heritage Square in Taylor, TX most Saturdays from 10-2. 


Babka Farms Soap


Babka Farms Caramels (Texas only with one part of the sale in person)

Family: Where we get our name

Day-to-day operations at Babka Farms are run by Natalie Babiak Weber in Granger, Texas. Our two grown daughters, Rachel and Gabrielle, live close to our hearts all the way in NY. Natalie's father, Charles Babiak, was orphaned at age 5 with 2 younger siblings. He spent his early years during the Great Depression with caring relatives. The siblings grew up together and as a child and teenager he worked at local farms to help support his brother and sister. Natalie spent many hours with her Dad both in their backyard garden and picking strawberries at Thorpe's Organic Family Farm. Gabrielle married Elijah Thorpe. Elijah and Gabrielle have a woodcrafting business. Rachel is the barn manager at both High Time Stables at Sugarbrook Farm and Alpine Made taking care of their herd of organic dairy goats. We love raising quality farm animals and crafting artisan products!

Babka is a root word for  Natalie's maiden name Babiak and it is the Polish word for "Grandmother". The farm name is a tribute to Natalie and her sister Mary's mother, Martha Huttleston Babiak. Although she passed on to heaven early and before even all her grandchildren were born she left a legacy as an amazing grandmother and matriarch. She loved quality driven by dedication in all aspects of life and nourishing, well made food. It is with great love and admiration that we share our lives with you though the gifts our parents nurtured within us.