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Sustainably managed hay for goats and other livestock

In late summer 2022 I found out I would be able to rent the hayfield next to the house. This is a very special field that has been organically managed, and was actually certified organic in previous years. Sustainable Growth Texas has been consulting with my landlord and providing services for the field. So, to say I'm excited to have this great source of nutrition at my doorstep is an understatement. Icing on the cake the goats love it. And, cherry on top - I have enough to sell and share with others. 

Help Me Learn: I'm learning as I go, and have a lot to learn. If you are interested in the hay, or would like to provide me with information and/or resources to help me learn, please share using this google form

October 2022 - 2nd cutting, 15 acres in square bales and 25 acres in large round bales. I have a limited quantity of square bales in the barn. Test results here.


Spring 2022 - 1st cutting, all large round bales. Test results here.


Thursday, October 20, 2022